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Unfolding a glorious saga of 34 Years of publishing excellence, SIA Group grew from being a nascent publisher to a leading publisher and distributor of academic publications in Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception in 1979, we have attained the loyal patronage of lakhs of students, stakeholders, well wishers and the members of SIA Group who made this endeavour a reality. Today, SIA Group is an amalgamation of years of hard work, trust, commitment and consistent performance.

We create, develop, publish, market and distribute a multitude of academic publications. We specialize in publishing study material for professional courses like B.Tech, MBA, MCA and B.Pharmacy. We have been striving to impart learning resources of the highest quality with modern approaches to publishing and distribution. Our major focus is on developing innovative, authentic and quality learning material for students. We encourage and support innovative ideas to make SIA Publishers and Distributors a leading publishing and book distribution house.

Our fountains of strength are our embedded value system, innovativeness, customer centric approach and multitude of passionate and dedicated staff, engaged in knowledge development, sharing and distribution. Employees are the essence of our organization and we prioritize their empowerment. We are constantly improving our processes and upgrading our systems to create world-class products for offering. We endeavour to imbibe innovation and leadership spirit in our organizational environment.

Driven by the zeal “Enlightening Lives through Education”, we ardently endeavor to bring in an optimistic transformation in the education arena through meaningful, resourceful, comprehensive, innovative and inspiring academic study material. Our flagship books, Spectrum All-in-One for B.Tech and M.B.A students, Pharma Plus Publications, for B.Pharm students and Sure Publications for M.C.A students, have gained incomparable adulation, acceptance and appreciation of both the student fraternity as well as the academicians, for their ease in understanding, economical value and effectiveness. Our primary focus will always remain delivering the best in terms of the quality, reliability and affordability of our books. Our unflinching faith in the basic tenet that, education is not something that could be compromised upon, as that would lead to the dilution of its sanctity and purity, has helped us garner the trust, faith and the loyalty of every segment of the reading audience. For we do not believe in publishing clichéd, run of the mill books; but books that promote the all round development of the student and instill in them, a lifelong commitment for learning. Education has forever been a passion for us at SIA Group and it this passion that has helped us repose the faith back onto the holistic approach, one that stimulates, questions and rekindles the spirit of cognitive learning and goes way beyond the mundane generalities of clichéd education, that churns out students, who merely rote learn for the exams.

And with the future only seeming brighter, we could say with all humility at our command that education for us at SIA Group, has always been a sacred, elusive and an exotic art, one that we have since mastered with alacrity and élan and we can now say with panache, that we don't just educate, we Enrich, Empower and Enlighten!

We have withstood the ebbs and tides of the fluctuating and ephemeral nature of educational publishing, because of our unwavering belief in imparting need based holistic education and have since emerged as the numero uno in the genre of educational publishing in Andhra Pradesh. In the future, we envisage expanding our horizons to take SIA Group to the next level of publishing and distribution, moving beyond our capabilities and geographical limits with innovative product lines to move a step further in achieving the vision of SIA Group.




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